Pixelmon Adventures

Pixelmon Adventures

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Download Pixelmon Adventures now with many MULTIPLAYER modes!
This game is the perfect mobile port for pixelmon on android. In this pixelmon mod(pocket edition), you can finally battle your friends, colleagues, family members, co-workers or anyone else around the world! You may befriend and battle many other players in many online servers. In addition, you can build & craft blocky homes, buildings & landscapes freely with tons of other people online!
This game also offers an intriguing, ever-growing adventure mode. With this mode, you can choose your starter pixelmon to begin your adventurous, challenging and action-filled journey! Encounter many wild pixelmon and trainers to level up your team. Accumulate mass amounts of gold to purchase tons of pixelballs, potions, repels, etc. Most importantly, you can grow your team in this mode by capturing all sorts of diverse pixelmon!
This is the best pocket edition pixelmon mod that's suitable for everyone, so what are you waiting for? Don't wait, download right now!
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