Spider Grannie Horror Scary Game 2019

Spider Grannie Horror Scary Game 2019

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Scary Granny Spider is a mod version with special things of granny mod games. Are you a fan of scary games or horror games? If the answer is yes, spider-granny is the best action game for you!
Man, you are in a scary house of a old scary women with dangerous traps everywhere in her house. You have only five days to find the way out of the house and remember that the old-granny can hear anything so don't make any sound at all!
Grany is the main character of this horror game, she makes fears for you, hear any sounds you make and chase you till the end of the puzzle game (MODS).
Spider Granny: The Horror Game with features:
- Be careful
- Mix between a granny and a ghost
- Horror and death are always after you
- Hide anywhere to survive
- Bendy weapons and tools
- Say hello to the dead
- This adventure escape horror game makes fears and maybe tears
- Ghost mode, Dark mode and Very hard mode
- Scream for fear but do not cry
We're bendy and opened to new ideas, you are all wellcomne!
Let's escape!
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