Cat Fishing Game 2019

Cat Fishing Game 2019

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Hey! Friends, you seem to need a little relaxation time, what better than playing with animals? The angler may be a cat, a dog, or a bear, no matter what animal appears on your screen.
They all need your help to fish, and fishing is not as easy as you think. When the fish fight for their lives, there will be a fierce war.
There are all kinds of fish in the ocean, many of which were previously seen in the aquarium. Can you name them?
How to play?
Enter the game and choose an animal you like. Follow the directions and prepare your fishing rod. When the fish swims from you and quickly clicks on the screen, the hook will automatically stretch and fish the fish into the fish basket.
Please note that the small fish that swims from you may sometimes be a large fish. You will be dragged away during the fishing process. It may also be an electric fish. Be careful that it will electricity to you!
This is a super fun, decompression game, and finally I wish you all the best!
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