Hello, dear neighbour map for Craft

Hello, dear neighbour map for Craft

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With this map for Craft you will find yourself in the house of a suspicious neighbour and you have to run away from him! Download this map for Craft free and dive into the world of exciting adventures! You have to find out what secrets your neighbor hides behind the walls of his house. At the heart of this map is a popular computer game. Can you escape from the evil neighbour?
This strange neighbour is hiding something in the dark corners of his own house and you have to find out, what exactly he is hiding from prying eyes. What skeletons does he hide in his closet? Don't let him catch you! Otherwise, you will become another victim of it! Your most important task is to find the key that opens the doors of the basement. This evil neighbor hid this key well and so you have to try to find it. Solve several puzzles and you can go unnoticed! Remember that you need to move fast! Download this map for Craft free and uncover your neighbor's terrible secret!
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