Fish for Cats Cat Fishing Game

Fish for Cats Cat Fishing Game

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Fish for Cats is a fishing game designed especially for cats. Choose a level and get ready to watch your cat chase the fish!
How to play Fish for Cats:
• Place your device on a flat surface near your cat.
• Choose a level
• Enjoy watching your kitten go on a Fishing Frenzy!
• Four levels packed full with fun
• Exciting sounds to keep your cats attention
• Score that increases by every catch your cat makes
See how many points your cat can rack up & keep your kitty and friends entertained for hours on end!
Fish for Cats is THE cat app to keep your cat entertained.
If your cat is bored or sad try approaching it with your tablet or phone with Fish For Cats on it and let your cat choose a game: How many fish will your cat catch?
This app includes entertaining Cat Fishing with a time limit or endless mode with even two different fish for your cat to catch!
How fast will it take your cat to get 500 points in this cat fishing cat app? Let's get frisky and find out today by downloading Fish for Cats and play every single level for your cat! If you have a Puppy let him try to! Some Dogs love to play a game or two here as well!
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