Pixelmon Battle Craft GO Cube World PE Building

Pixelmon Battle Craft GO Cube World PE Building

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Hi, adventurer! :) Do you like fun, magical pocket creatures, battles and craft? Then welcome to this world where you can find new friends - pixelmon!
Travel the world, explore it, change and build everything so that it is enough of your imagination! In the game there are many different blocks from which you can build a city, an arena for battles, your home and much more! Also here you can meet other trainers, as well as pixelmones who have not yet found their friend and need you.
Find and collect everyone magical creatures with your pixel balls, train them, strengthen their abilities and evolve them, and also fight for the title of the best coach! Find out what skills each pixelmon in this world has. Pick up the right fighting monster for a certain type of enemy, control him and fight from his face! Use your ability on time, disable the enemy, slow it down and victory will be yours :)
There are many different types of pixelmon in the game, each of which has 3 types of evolution. The game regularly added new types of monster, skins of characters and many overs! And also we are planning to add multiplayer, stay with us! :)
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