D-Day World War 2 Battle: WW2 Shooting Game 3D

D-Day World War 2 Battle: WW2 Shooting Game 3D

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Lead the battalion as hero into war front as army commando in D-Day world war 2 game. Fight with enemy with your allied forces destroy their infantry posts with your real commando skills. Play largest Allied invasion of WW2 and defeat the occupation forces with fire arms to take back France.
Rise as hero storm into battle in the trenches on the Omaha beach in Normandy. Use rifle, machine gun to battle enemy forces, gunner and snipers. Liberate the land from enemy platoon sitting behind heavy machine guns. Face largest seaborne invasion in the history of world war 2 game. Lead army battalion and fight enemy platoon on Normandy landings in D-Day WW2 game. Be a part of infantry regiments to fight on Omaha beach in world war 2 game. Play the newest battle survival game in D-Day WW2 game like never before. Start invasion with allied forces watch out for bombardment from airbone assault. Lead your platoon troops into to the shore, take shelter and battle with enemy forces using rifle and machine guns. Escape mine field take cover behind metal tripods and cut barbed wire to invade trenches. Fight on frontline with courage and valor. Play the ultimate 3rd person shooter game in your android tablets and smart phones. Jump into the heat of D-Day world war 2 battle and push your army commando training to the limit!
Extreme challenging D-Day ww2 game play
Rise as hero in the D-Day world war 2 game
Multiple fire arms to switch in the ww2 battle
Engaging game play for battle survival game play
Best war game you can play as army commando
Use your instinct as war commando on front
Live life of patriotic hero and fight enemy gunner and commandos.
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