Counter Terrorist SWAT Team 3D FPS Shooting Games

Counter Terrorist SWAT Team 3D FPS Shooting Games

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Download Anti-Terrorist SWAT Force 3D FPS Shooting Games for FREE!!!
Join anti-terrorist SWAT force and charge in battle arena as police elite force captain. Engage special ops mission to eliminate extreme criminal group and rescue hostages in fierce battle in newest action filled game. Use SWAT force tactic skills to enter the hideout at unknown location, engage intense battle with heroic courage and real time shooting skills. Save hostage take down enemy gunner in impossible warfare 2018.
Fight the extremist are spreading like wildfire, eradicate this madness and stop this world war in year 2018. SWAT force need tactic and army commando training for survival assassination in a quest to conquer and survive warfare. Lead as hero commander in fierce battle and stand as last-man to restore world peace and save your nation. Cops save hostages from fallout and take them to safe shelter. Survive hunter’s war on unknown hideout of extremist, use machine guns, grenades in world war 2018. Lead as elite army commando on selected for special ops mission, take-down enemy gunner C4 explosive to save the day.
Use US army training from assault course and fight the terrorist who are out to destroy the peace of your nation. Play Anti-Terrorist SWAT Force 3D FPS Shooting Games, be vigilant, locate the hideout, stay safe in attack the terrorists hideout with your automatic machine gun against enemies sniper, shotgun.
*** HOW TO PLAY ***
• Start game play
• Select level
• Begin battle and prepare for war
• Spot an enemy make killer shot attack
• Defuse bombs
• Rescue Hostages
• Hide from terrorist for survival
• Locate criminals and for target shooting from your sniper, shotgun and other guns
• Escape from enemy boundary and keep attacking gangsters to win this battle
• Multiple shooters
• Multiple levels
• Enemy terrorist AI
• Slow-motion shooting effects
• HD graphics
• Real life shooting simulation
• Best SWAT force fps shooting game
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