Minicraft - Free Miner!

Minicraft - Free Miner!

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- Cars are now in the game! Many sports cars, SUVs, many military vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, tanks, transformers robots and warships.
- A lot of animals and dangerous mobs! Ancient mobs, orcs, giants, gnomes, elves and even dragons! Cows, horses, panda bears, piglets, rats, wasps, birds. Evil different zombies and vampires are born at night.
- Advanced craft and construction of houses. Create a variety of items for the construction and decoration of the interior. Create weapons, armor and improve the extraction of resources in the block world.
- Ready scripts, story mode, creative mode with endless lives and full inventory. The ability to spawn people, girls and boys, traders and other NPCs.
- The best crafting and building sandbox on your phone!
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