Pixelmon Go Craft Battle Trainer

Pixelmon Go Craft Battle Trainer

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You missed a fantastic game based on the famous cartoon series? The game "Pixelmon Go Craft Battle Trainer" is designed for real fans (for boys and girls) for teens of any age! Interesting and exciting game in the craft mode. Explore the world, travel, dream! All in your hands! There are a lot of advantages, which is why should choose our game!
Open World Day follows night, traveling around the cube world, familiarity with the other players, a large number of worlds and servers. To perform the mission. A large number of game modes (Story mode, Survival mode, mode 1 Sun 1)
Collect minerals / materials for crafting and construction of the city! Careful crafting menu, very easy for anyone! Find an ax, pickaxe, a shovel for your home! Build special Pok-house your pixelmon. Live and train together! Build a base for training arena for battles!
To survive you have to eat! Is or buy food for yourself and your pet. To have the strength for the battles you need a house in which you will be able to sleep.
Each game has a Poke-Balls to catch your pet. Find the most beautiful and powerful pixelmon! Let it be your friend! Train together. The more pixelmon trains, the faster it will be able to evolve! Evolution pixelmons! A new level of pet, which is much stronger than it was! Fight with other players. Prove that it is your pixelmon the strongest on the planet! Planet pixelmons.
In this game you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode (Multiplayer). Create your own clan, live together in the same house together and train yourself! Explore the entire planet! Let your friends will always help you.
This game "Pixelmon Go Craft Battle Trainer" will help you with boredom! You will never be bored.
Download the game now absolutely for free and play with your friends online! Good luck in your research!
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