No More Kings - Chess Puzzle

No More Kings - Chess Puzzle

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A totally new puzzle game based on the rules of Chess.
One of CNET's Best Mobile Games of September 2015 and GameZebo's New Games You Should Be Playing.
“slick, simple and refined... a great way to stretch your mind and learn more about how to play.” ~ CNET
“...very solid and an entertaining puzzler for anyone looking for a fun challenge and interesting twist on an old classic.” 4/5 stars ~
“Anyone who is familiar with the rules of Chess is bound to enjoy No More Kings” ~
Take on the king in over 100 levels of mind-bending brain teasers! Can you earn 3 stars on every level? Share your best times and challenge your friends.
- A totally new & unique puzzle mechanic
- Over 100 levels to put your brain to the test
- Play levels over and over again to get the fastest time
- Learn the ropes quickly with a guided tutorial
How to play:
- Each level is played on a standard 8x8 chess board
- Your goal is to capture the king
- Your starting piece is highlighted
- On each move, you have to capture another piece
- Each piece can move in any direction
- Moves follow standard chess rules:
:: Bishops move in diagonal lines
:: Rooks move in straight lines
:: Knights move 2 then 1 or 1 then 2
- When you capture a piece, you become that piece
- You have to capture all the pieces on your way to the king
- Each level has a solution! Can you crack every level?
Thanks for playing!
- 一个全新的和独特的益智技工
- 超过100个的水平把你的大脑测试
- 游戏的水平一遍又一遍,以获得最快的时间
- 学习的绳索迅速与引导教程
- 每个级别的玩法是一个标准的8×8的国际象棋棋盘
- 你的目标是擒王
- 你的出发件突出
- 在每个举动,你必须捕捉到另一块
- 每个片可以在任何方向移动
- 将遵循标准的国际象棋的规则:
- 当你拍摄一张,您就成为一件
- 你必须捕捉的方式,所有的片王
- 每个级别都有一个解决方案!你能否破解每个级别?
版本1.2.1  更新时间:2016-12-24 更新说明: The icon actually looks like a king now! Also the level timer doesn't start until your first move and you can now disable move hints if you really want to. Thanks for playing!


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