MP4 FLV WMV Media Player

MP4 FLV WMV Media Player

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MP4 FLV WMV Media Player as its name suggests, can play mp4 flv and wmv videos directly! In fact, it can play many othervideos except these ones! DV, h263, vstream and mov can also be played smoothly! When you downloading from audio andvideo sites, you will not worry about the format further!The functional media player can play both video file and music file!!! In other words, it is a video player and music player at thesame time!!!FEATURES:1. Beautiful but simple appearance.2. Free media player used on android mobile phone.3. Play both video and audio files.4. Set a password to your private folder.5. Move some movie file or (mp3) music file to your favorite page.FUNCTIONS:1. Support many video format: WMV, DV and ASF and M4V...2. Support some music format: mp3, mp4, wma(some wma pro files may need NEON support) and wav...3. Show you video and audio list respectively.4. Delete file or search detail info( name, size, path and format).5. Fast foreword or fast reverse both supported in playing music and video files.6. Change the brightness of your screen while watching movie or listening music.7. You can add subtitle to video file and lyrics to music player.USAGE:1. Long press file, you have six choices.2.VIDEO:Slide playing screen on right --- change volume!Slide playing screen on left ---- reset brightness.Press the four buttons on top --- lock screen, add subtitle or change screen visible size!3. MUSIC:Click point on the bar, you can have a fast foreword!Download the functional media player now!Contact me if you have any questions---send me email.I am waiting for your five stars. Don't forget it!
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