Vintique - 照片编辑器

Vintique - 照片编辑器

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Vintique Photo BoothA unique vintage photo editorPresenting a Photo editor tool for your Android device Snap , Edit & Share like a pro. Share via Instagram, facebook, Gmail, etc. Make Collage and takeout the best from your picture libraries. Pic Collage is free,full-featured, real time effects, fast and amazingly easy to use.Stitch your pics in one like you have never done before!XYZ provides awesome vintage filters and powerful image editing tools. Edit your photos with XYZ and show the vintage devil inside you to the whole world.More than 20 selected Vintage Filters - old times, warm day, delight, 8 PM, watercolors - boring day, sober, vintage, yesterday, the day, heaven - happy time, beamed, someday, sweet dream, illusion, omnivoyance- dim past, dark, gloomy, remindful, mind map, coarse - canvas, letters, chilly, chic, pure, fading, blue ink, memories ** Insert messages on photos. ** Share via - Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Picasa, Gmail, LiveMail, DropBox, google plus, Digg, twitter, etc.** Image Resolution No image resolution restriction, you can edit your photos in every resolution.Suggestions can make this even better. Feel free to send your feedbackto us : --
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